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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Board of Trade of England to the Lords Proprietors of Carolina
England. Board of Trade
February 09, 1697
Volume 01, Pages 475-476

-------------------- page 475 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties. No. 25. P. 39.]

Febry 9th 1696-7

To the Right Honourable the Lords Proprietors of his Majesties Province of Carolina in America.

My Lords

His Majesty having been informed by complaints from severall hands of the undue methods practiced in some of his Colonies for seducing the Inhabitants from others, and being sensible how much that practice is contrary to the Common Interest of the whole has commanded us to write to the severall Governors or Governments of each Colony that they take care that effectual Laws be made in each of their respective Governments against the receiving and harbouring not only of Deserters, but also of such Fugitives as leave any of his Plantations contrary to the Laws provided for that purpose in each plantation respectively; Which therefore we accordingly recommend to your observation for the Province of Carolina.

And whereas his Majesty has also received complaints that the entertainment given to Pyrates in some of his Colonies, and more particularly in those under distinct proprieties, had occasioned many ill minded persons, seamen and others to desert their habitations, and apply themselves to such wicked and destructive courses to the great weakening and dispeopling of the Colonies so abandoned by them, and to the great dishonour of the English nation, whereupon he has also required us to write to the severall Proprietors and Governors of all his Plantations, that due care be taken for the future that no Pyrates or Sea Robbers be anywhere sheltered or entertained under the severest penalties; We are obliged in giving you this notice to recommend it so mnch the more particularly to your care, by reason that upon occasion of the late Tryalls of some of Every's Crew here severall informations have been transmitted to us wherein mention is made of Carolina as too ordinary a Receptacle of Pyrats. Some of the expressions in those papers are as follows,

Want a Pyrate about three years ago, after a good voyage broke up in Carolina, and spent part of his money there. Want now is fitted out from Carolina. Pirates are kindly entertained in Carolina; Capt Risby and others of Every's Crew went to Carolina. These things we say oblige us the more to require of you that an extraordinary care be henceforwards taken in that province by a constant discouragement to the Rise and progresse of such undertakings so as either to wipe off these, or at least prevent

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the like reflections for the future, and particularly that those of Every's Crew who retired thither may be found out, and both they and any others that shall be discovered, be punished according to the utmost severity of the law: of which we expect a particular account, and are

Your very affectionate friends

February the 9th 1696-7.