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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Thornburgh
Thornburgh, William
May 20, 1697
Volume 01, Page 477

-------------------- page 477 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Amer: and W. Ind: Plant. Gen. No. 601.]


I have layd your Letter before the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, and the Bahama Islands, with the inclosed Letters from his Majesty.

Their Lordsps are very ready to pay all dutifull observance to his Majesty's commands; and as they have always hitherto made it one of their Instructions to their Governours, to take care to put the severall Acts of Parliament in Execution, that concerne the Plantation Trade and Navigation they shall now enforce it, as his Majesty's particuler Command.

As to the Bond, their Lordsps are of opinion, that since the late Act of Parliament has placed the Aprobac̄on of their Governours in his Majesty, it cannot be expected they should give security for the Behaviour of such persons, as are so constituted it being not required by any Act of Parliament that they know of. I am

Your Humble Servant

May 20th 1697.