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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Bartholomew Fowler to Henderson Walker
Fowler, Bartholomew
August 27, 1699
Volume 01, Page 513

Honble Sir,

His Excellency being at present very much indisposed with a feaver has commanded me to acquaint you yt he has received yor letter dated at North Carolina 28th July 1699 per Mr Fendal and has taken care to doe what in him properly lies in order to redress the grievance complained of by your Goverment in relac̄on to ye difference between Maclenahan and Bray. He referred ye matter to me as Atturney Genll to which I made a Report according to ye inclosed Copy And since yt his Excellency has not only caused a copy of yor letter and my Report to be referred to ye Court of Princess Anne County but has certified to ym yt ye Charter you produced to Him & his Majtys Honble Councill was in their opinion an authentick exemplification of ye Charter Grant in James City where any person may have a copy thereof without any further Order so yt it must be Bray's own laches if any thing is done to his disadvantage or to ye prejudice of yor Goverment therein. His Excellency has heard nothing of Made Smith and Negros supposed to be run away & harboured in yor Governmt which he expected he should before this and has allso commanded me to acquaint you that several servants and slaves are daily running from hence into your Governmt and are there concealed wch he hopes you will take care to prevent by a proclamac̄on to yt purpose or such other method as you shall judge most expedient. He allso returns you thanks for yor good opinion of him & assures you that nothing on his part shall be wanting to mentain the good correspondence you desire Here's no news &c.

Yor Honrs most humble Servant

Virginia August 27th 1699.

Copy of a letter to ye Deputy Governr of North Carolina