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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Francis Nicholson to Henderson Walker
Nicholson, Francis, 1655-1728
May 16, 1700
Volume 01, Pages 518-519

-------------------- page 518 --------------------

Virginia James Town May 16th 1700

Honble Sir

I herewith send you a copy of what I lately received from Capt. Wm Passenger Commander of her Maj. ship ye Shoreham concerning the taking of a pyrate ship &c. three of the pyrates were tryed and condemn'd and were order'd to be hang'd in Princess Ann County but they have made their escape and I have issued out my Warrant for ye apprehending of ym one of which is sent to each County in this his Maj. Colony and Dominion and I have ordered the Sherifs of Princess Ann Norfolk and Nansemun to send each of ym one the next Magistrate in yor Governt I desire that you would give orders for ye apprehending of these pyrats and I do hereby promise the same reward to any person or persons who shall take them in your governmt as if they should be taken here.

I have received his Maj. royall commands about pyrates and being you write that you & your Council are obliged to me for com̄unicating of ym to you and yt you should at any time be glad to be informed his Maj. pleasure by me yt you may render obedience thereto as becomes good and dutiful subjects I doe therefore herewith send you a copy of his Maj. royall letter to me upon that subject with a copy of my proclamation thereupon as also the copy of part of a letter which I have recd from ye right honble the Lords Commissrs for trade & plantations with a copy of my proclamac̄on thereupon But I herewith send you ye copy of a paper which I recd from his Excellency the Earl of Bellomont his Maj. Govr of New England N. Yorke &c. in which paper are ye names of several persons who are mentioned in ye paper sent by ye Lords Commissrs &c.

I have also received their Excelcys the Lords Justices commands concerning ye Officers of ye Admiralty and Customs and inclosed is a copy thereof sent you by him who is

Your very humble Servant

I have thought it absolutely necessary for his Majties service to issue out a proclamac̄on for apprehending seamen &c. suspected of pyracy &c and inclosed is a copy thereof, as also another concerning cables anchors boats &c Flotsom, jetsom lagon &c. which I would desire that you would give the people in your Govermt notice of that they may not presume to meddle with or take any such thing within this his Maj Colony and Dominion of Virginia And I hope you will give suitable directions &c. for apprehending seamen suspected of pyracy &c.

-------------------- page 519 --------------------

If you have any packets letters &c. to send to England the Fleet is designed to sail thither from Kikotan at the mouth of James River on Wednesday the 5th of June and his Maj ship the Shoreham is to convoy ym 40 or 50 leagues off on board of whom is designed, God Willing to be

F. N.