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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum concerning the governments of proprietary colonies
No Author
Volume 01, Pages 540-541

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Va. 38. P. 86.]

The Governours of the Propriety and Charter Governments are generally not qualifyed by taking the Oaths required by law nor have they his Maj. approbation according to the Acts of Trade and more particularly the late Act for preventing frauds and regulating abuses in the Plantation trade.

They have assumed to themselves a power to make Laws contrary & repugnant to the Laws of England and prejudicial to our trade.

Some of them have refused to send hither such Laws as they enact, some neglect to do it and others have sent the Laws but very imperfect.

Divers of them have refused Appeals to His Majesty in Council by which the inhabitants of those Colonies are deprived of the benefit allowed in the Plantations under His Maj. Government and the parties aggrieved are left without Remedy for the arbitrary and illegal proceedings of their Courts

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Those Proprietary Colonies are the ordinary refuge & retreat of Pirates & illegal Traders.

By raising and lowering their coin from time to time (as may be for their particular advantage) they prejudice other Colonies in drawing away their money and likewise draw away their servants and people and harbour fugitives

They apply themselves to the improvament of woollen manufactures and other manufactures and products of England which they carry directly to the Foreign parts and more especially to the Spanish Indies And they furnish themselves from Foreign parts with all sorts of European commodities to the great prejudice of the interest of this kingdom.

They do not put themselves in a state of defence by having any regular Militia, arms or ammunition

Some of them are in a state of Anarchy and Confusion