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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Virginia Governor's Council
Virginia. Council
May 12, 1705
Volume 01, Page 614

-------------------- page 614 --------------------
[Minutes of Va. Council in Assembly. B. P. R. O. B. T. Va. 56.]

Saturday May 12th 1705.

The Council adjourned during pleasure

And being again mett

The Resolves of the House of Burgesses concerning the bounds of North Carolina were read as follows

May 2d 1705.

That the best way to prevent any further encroachmts being made by the Government of North Carolina on the Inhabitants of this Colony is to make provision as soon as possible for laying out and ascertaining the Boundarys between this Government & that of North Carolina & that Comrs be appointed & impowered by his Excellency with the advice & consent of the Council to treat with such Commrs as shall be appointed by the Government of Carolina for effecting the same.

On reading the Resolve of the House of Burgesses concerning the bounds of North Carolina


That it is the opinion of the Council that before any Treaty be had with the Government of North Carolina Mr James Minge & Mr Robert Bolling junr surveyors be derected as soon as conveniently may be privately to run the line between this Government and North Carolina proceeding according to the course mentioned in the Patent of the Lords Proprietors.


That the said surveyors be derected to take particular notice what lands or Plantations held by Patents or Entrys under this Government may happen to be cutt off by the said line, or how far the same may happen to run, beyond the Inhabitants of this Colony.


That the said surveyors make report of their proceedings to his Exc̄ly & the Council that they may be the better enabled to appoint Commrs or make representation to her Majesty as they shall find expedient for the good of the Inhabitants of this Country


That a copy of the above Resolves be sent to the Burgesses for their concurrence

Then his Excellency signed the resolves thus

I do concur with the Council in the above Resolves