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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Vestry of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct
St. Paul's Parish (Chowan Precinct)
January 03, 1706
Volume 01, Pages 629-630

[From the Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct.]

At a Vestry at the Chappel ye 3d Day of Janry 1705[6.]
Coll Wm Wilkinson
Capt Thomas Luten
John Ardern Esqr
Wm Duckenfield Esqr
Capt Thomas Blount
Mr John Blount
Mr James Long
Mr Edward Smithwick
Mr Nathl Chevin
Mr Wm Banbury.

It being debated whether the publick Account shall be examined Coll Pollock being absent. who is appointed one of the Church Wardens. therefore the Church Wardens who have served the Last year cannot render in their Accounts. because one of them is absent as aforesaid and so the accounts cannot be made up.

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Also debated the Payment of John Dicks for Work about the pulpit the said Work not being finished, whether he shall be paid, before the Work be done. He alledging that he could not finish it for Want of Nails & Boards.

And he brings an acct for his Work six pounds.

Ordered that John Dicks be paid one pound seventeen shillings nine pence besides what he has been paid, and that he finish the work then account with the Vestry.

Whereas several scandalous reports has been spread abroad in the government of the Reverend Mr Henry Gerrard of several Debauched practices which (if true) tends highly to the dishonour of Almighty God and the scandal of the church. it is debated whether he be continued

Ordered that he continue in this precinct as a minister till the first of May next in which time it is expected by the Vestry that he use his utmost Endeavours to clear himself of these black Calumnies laid to his charge, or else he may expect Dismission.

It's agreed that if Col Thomas Pollock refuse to serve as a Church Warden he paying the Fine, shall be excused and Nathaniel Chevin shall serve in his stead with Mr. John Blount as aforesaid—

It is agreed by the Vestry Mr. Gerrard agreeing thereto that Mr Gerrard shall once in two months be fetched over to the South Shore by a Canoe and two hands from thence to begin the first monday in February and so the first monday in the month every two months, which men shall be paid by the public.

Ordered that Richard Booth be paid three pounds towards the maintainance of an orphan child left destitute by Stephen Beston.

Ordered that the collector of each District in this precinct collect of every Tythable in their and either of their Districts two shillings and Six pence with power in case of refusal and the Church Wardens do undertake for the faithful Collection and accounting for the Same in the sum of fifty pounds sterling to be levied upon their goods and Chattels in case of refusal.