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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Order of the Privy Council of England concerning acts of the North Carolina General Assembly and Quo Warranto Proceedings against proprietary charters, including minutes of the Board of Trade of England
England. Privy Council; England. Board of Trade
June 10, 1706
Volume 01, Pages 643-644

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties. Vol. 8. O. 64.]

The Queen's Most Excellt Maty in Councill

Upon reading this day at the Board a Representation from the Lords Commrs for Trade and Plantations, upon an Address from the House of Lords to Her Maty concerning Complaints of many inhabitants of the Province of Carolina and Merchants trading thither, against the Proprietors of that Province. Her Maty taking the same into consideration is pleased to approve of the said Representation, and accordingly having declared the Laws mentioned therein to be null and void; Doth hereby order That for the more effectuall proceeding against the said Charters by way of Quo Warranto. Mr Attorney & Mr Solicitor Generalls do inform themselves fully upon what may be most necessary for effecting the same, and Report the whole Matter, with their opinion therein to her Maty in Councill with all convenient speed.

A true Copy.

Whitehall. June 13th 1706.

Copy of an Order in Council of 10th inst upon a Representation of 24th of last month for repealing two Laws past in Carolina approving the same and directing the Lords Proprietors to declare the said Laws null and voyd accordingly was read.

-------------------- page 644 --------------------

Copy of another Order of Council upon a Representation of same date directing Mr Attorney & Mr Solicitor General to report to Her Maj. what may be most necessary for proceeding against the Charters of Carolina by way of Quo Warranto was read.

Whitehall July 5th 1706.

Copy of an Order of Council of 26th of last month upon a Report from Mr Attorney & Mr Solicitor touching the more effectual proceedings against the Charters of the Provinces of Carolina and the Bahama Islands leaving the consideration of the privilege of Peers therein concerned to the determination of the House of Lords was read.