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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Order of the Privy Council of England concerning Quo Warranto Proceedings against proprietary charters
England. Privy Council
June 26, 1706
Volume 01, Page 644

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties. Vol. 8. O. 76.]

The Queen's most Excellent Majesty in Councill.

Upon reading this day at the Board a Report from Mr Attorney and Mr Sollicitor Generall, in pursuance of her Matys Order in Councill of the 10th instant, touching the more effectuall Proceedings against the Charters of the Provinces of Carolina, and of the Bahama Islands, in the nature of Quo Warranto's in her Maty's Court of Queens Bench pursuant to the Address of the Peers in Parliament made to her Maty the last session, And Mr Attorney and Mr Solicitor thereby representing, that altho' they have not sufficient Materialls to carry on the said Prosecution to an end, yet they are sufficiently informed to exhibitt the said Informations, and that the same are now preparing, and may be forthwith filed, But at the same time offering at the Board, whether the fileing such Information against a Peer in Parliament, may not be thought a Breach of the Privileges of Peerage, her Maty having taken this matter into consideration, and it being presumed, That the House of Peers are the best Judges of their own Privileges, Her Maty with the advice of Her Privy Councill doth not think fit to give any further Directions therein at present.

A true Copy


Recd5th July 1706.
Read 5th July 1706.