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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Depositions of inhabitants of Nansemond County, Virginia concerning the North Carolina/Virginia boundary
Plumpton, Henry; Lawrence, Robert
March 25, 1708
Volume 01, Pages 676-677

-------------------- page 676 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. B. T. Va. 58.]

25 March 1708 (7?)


Henry Plumpton aged eighty six years or thereabouts Deposeth that he hath lived in the County now called Nansemond formerly Upper Norfolk about seventy four years and that after the Right Honble Sr Wm Barkley was made Governor of Virginia he was amongst divers others at sevll times sent out against the Southern Indians Once particularly by land under the Command of Major Genll Bennett and once by Water under Coll Dew which to the best of his Remembrance Was about the year 1646 in which expedition he well remembers that after they had entered Corrotuck, they proceeded up the Sound to Chowan as far as the mouth of Weyanook Creek where they had a fight with the Indians and had a man killed by them And also about two years after a peace being concluded with the Indians the said Deponent with one Thomas Tuke of the Isle of Wight County and severall others made a purchase from the Indians of all the Land from the mouth of the Morratuck River to the mouth of Weyanook Creek aforesaid which the Indians then shewed them, Which the deponent knew to be the same place where the man above mentioned was Killed and lyes (to the best of his Judgement and remembrance) about twenty or twenty five miles above the mouth of Morattuck River but the Deponent never heard the Blackwater Nottaway or Maherine Rivers or either of them called by the name of Weyanook Creek


March the 25th 1708 (7?)

By virtue of a Commission of Dedimus potestatem to us directed from the honble the President and Council of Virginia We the subscribers did this day meet at the house of Mr Henry Plumpton in the County of Nansimond where the said Henry Plumpton made affidavit to the truth of the within written


-------------------- page 677 --------------------

Robert Lawrence of Nansimond County aged about sixty nine years Examined and sworne saith.

That about forty seven years ago this Deponent seated a plantation on the south west side of Chowan River about three or four miles above the mouth of Morattock where he Lived about seven years, by which means he had often occassion of passing and repassing the Chowan, in which he often took notice and still very well knows a large creek on the said South west side of Chowan commonly called and known both by the English and Indians by the name of Weyanoke Creeke which creek issueth into Chowan about twenty five miles above Morattuck River mouth and according to the best of his Deponents judgment about twenty miles below the mouth of Maherine River and this Deponent further saith that he never heard either the Blackwater Nottaway or Maherine River or any other River or Creek but that above mentioned called by the name of Weyanoke Creek

Sworne and addressed as the former