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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Report by the Board of Trade of Great Britain concerning the North Carolina/Virginia boundary
Great Britain. Board of Trade
March 14, 1709
Volume 01, Pages 703-704

-------------------- page 703 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. B. T. Virginia. Vol: 40. P. 258.]

14th March 1708/9.

May it please your Majesty

For prevention of further disputes yt may happen between your Majesties Provinces of Virginia and Carolina, in regard to their Boundaries; we having by our Representation to your Majesty of the 1th of February last, humbly proposed that the said Boundaries be settled, and that Commissioners duly qualified be respectively appointed on the part of each of these Governments, with full powers to take Depositions, to survey or cause a survey to be made of the lands in dispute & to do what may be further necessary for the better ascertaining and fixing the said Bounds by a line or lines of Divition to be drawn between the said Provinces; and we having therein further proposed that the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, do oblige themselves (by a clause to be inserted in the Commission to be by them given, or by some other Instrument in Writing) in case the said Commissioners do not within a reasonable time (to be prefixed) settle the said Boundaries, to submit the Determination of that matter to your Majesty. Your Majesty was thereupon pleased by your Order in Council of the 13th February last to direct us to propose to the said Lords Proprietors of Carolina, the Issuing of such a Commission as aforesaid.

In obedience whereunto we forthwith write to the Lords Proprietors of Carolina and have now received their answer, the purport whereof is, that they have appointed John Lawson and Edward Mosely Esqrs to be Commissioners on the part of Carolina for surveying the lands in dispute and settling the Boundaries as aforesaid. And in their said answer they do further declare, that they are willing in case of any dispute between the said Commissioners and those on the part of your Majesties Colony of Virginia to submit the same to your Majesties Decision.

Wherefore we humbly offer, that your Majesties Royal Letters Mandatory, be sent to the Governor or Commander in Chief of the said Colony of Virginia for the time being, directing him in concurrence with the Councill there to issue out a Commission under the seal of the Colony, thereby constituting and appointing two fit and able persons to be Commissioners on the part of Virginia to act in conjunction with the

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Commissioners appointed on the part of Carolina, for the purposes before mentioned and requiring the said Governor or Commander in Chief for the time being to transmit to your Majesty under the seal of the Colony an account of such Commissioners Proceeding for your Majesty's further pleasure therein

Your Majesty having thought fit by your said order in Councill to refer the consideration of the charges of such Commission and Commissionrs to the Right Honble the Lord High Treasurer whatever your Royal Pleasure shall be therein. We beg leave most humbly to propose that the same be likewise signified to the Governor or Commander in Cheif of the said Colony for the time being

All which is most humbly submitted

March 14th 1708/9.