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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Glover to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
Glover, William
August 30, 1710
Volume 01, Pages 732-733

[From N. C. Letter Book. S. P. G.]

N. C. Aug 30 1710

May it please your Lordships:—

Although the trouble and confusion this unhappy country has labored under, ever since the arrival of your lordships' reverend missionaries, has compelled me to retire from all public employments; and the poor return we are able to make for your lordships' pious care and charitable expenses, admonisheth me to lay my hand upon my mouth and keep silent till the lords proprietors shall, by their prudent care, have restored order and justice among us, under the influence of which we hope, by God's grace, to bring forth better fruit,—although, I say, these considerations had discouraged me from making any application until I could present your lordships with a fairer prospect of affairs, yet, the inclosed papers being put into my hands, I held myself bound to present them to your lordships, and join with the subscribers in the character they give of the Reverend Mr. Adams, and in which I am sure all persons who have any respect either to religion or loyalty do heartily concur. I will not enter into a relation of the success his labors have had; as to that, his reverend successor will not, as I think he is in justice bound not to be, be silent. And for the difficulties he has met with, he has waded through them under the vigilant eyes of the malicious enemies, without committing any thing unbecoming a minister of our

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Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. What is further necessary, he is himself able, by word, to supply, if any thing be wanting in the account he has already given by writing, wherein I know he has neither neglected opportunity nor spared cost or pains.

These papers ought to have come under the public seal, but that being forcibly detained in the hands of those who are professed enemies of the Church as well as to all good order, it could not be procured on this occasion: being able, therefore, to give them no greater confirmation, I humbly present them to your lordships' noble bounty to this poor country, and therein especially to your lordships'

Most obliged and humble servant,