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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Virginia Governor's Council
Virginia. Council
July 05, 1711
Volume 01, Pages 762-763

-------------------- page 762 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Journal Va. Council.]

5 July 1711.

Upon reading at this Board a narrative of the proceedings of John Clayton Esqre sent by the Governor to North Carolina in pursuance of the resolutions of the Council the 13th of June for mediating a reconciliation between the partys in Arms in that Government whereby it appears that the said mediation was readily accepted by Mr Hyde President of that Province and his Council, but that tho' Collo Cary made a shew of accepting thereof and appointing a place of Treaty, he soon discovered his true design was under that pretence to get Mr Hyde and his Council in his power when they were separated from their Guards, & would never after agree to any place of conferences where Mr Hyde could rely on the safety of his person, That the said Collo Cary having rejected all proposalls of accommodation even after it had been signified to him that Mr Hyde and his Council were willing to agree to all the demands he thought fitt to communicate with some necessary explanations and by his discourse, intimating his intentions to treat Mr Hyde in the same manner Collo Park was in Antegoa, has given sufficient demonstration of his aversion to any peaceable acom̄odation And whereas the said Collo Cary is now on board a Brigantine mounted with six Guns and attended with other vessells filled with armed men, threatening to begin his hostilitys against the Established Government of the said Province of North Carolina This Board are therefore unanimously of opinion, that there remains now no other means but that of force to put a stop to this Insurrection and to prevent the fatal consequences thereof both to the said Province of Carolina and to this Her Majesty's Colony. And whereas by her Royal Instructions the Governor is impowered and directed upon the application of the Governors of any of Her Majesty's plantations and their being in distress to send them such Assistance as the condition of this Colony can spare, it is the further unanimous opinion of this Board that it is necessary for Her Majesty's service and agreeable to Her Majesty's said Instructions that a competent force be sent from this Colony to the assistance of Mr Hyde it appearing by the copy of a petition under the hands of all the deputys of the Lords Proprs that he was chosen President by their joynt suffrage, and consequently ought to be looked on as in the legal Administration of that Government And this Board are likewise of opinion that the project this day communicated by the Governor for assisting the said President and

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Council of Carolina viz. by marching a detachment of the Militia of this Colony over land, and by obtaining a reinforcement of Marines from Her Majesty's ships of war now here to be sent in their boats to Chowan sound is the most probable way of putting an end to those Commotions, and restoring peace to her Maj: subjects of that Province, and is therefore fitt to be pursued, and if by these means it shall happen that Collo Cary or any other of the principal Ringleaders shall be taken It is the unanimous Opinion of the Council that they be brought into this Colony and secured until Her Majesty's pleasure be known.