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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Order of the Privy Council of Great Britain concerning Edward Hyde's governorship of North Carolina
Great Britain. Privy Council
July 30, 1711
Volume 01, Pages 799-800

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties. Vol. 9. Q. 20.]

the 30th of July 1711
The Queens most Excellent Maty
in Council

Upon Reading this day at the Board a Report from the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations upon a Memorial of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina Setting forth their having always given Instructions to their Governor of the said Province to appoint a Deputy for the better and more regular Government of that Part of Carolina that lyes North and West of Cape Feare by reason of the great Extent of that Country and the Necessity of Corresponding & Trafficking with the Several Nations of the Indians and therefore pray Her Matys Royal Approbation of Edward Hyde Esqr to be Governr of North Carolina aforesaid; And the said Lords Commrs by their said Report having no objection to the same, And taking Notice, that the Security usually Given by the Governors of Other Proprieties is in a Bond of Two Thousand Pounds Sterling; But in regard the Trade in that Part is inconsiderable, and therefore humbly offer that the Security to be given by the said Edward Hyde be only in a Bond of One Thousand Pounds Sterling; Her Majesty in Council taking the Same into Consideration is Graciously pleased to Declare Her Allowance and Royal Approbation of the said Edward Hyde Esqr to be Governor of the said North Carolina according to the Nomination and Appointment of the said Proprietors. Provided he

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Qualifies himself for that Trust in such manner as the Law Requires And that he gives one Thousand pounds security for his due observance of the Acts of Parliament relating to Trade and Navigation, and of such instruction as shall be from time to time sent him from Her Majesty or any acting under her Majesty's Authority. And the said Lords Commissionrs of Trade and Plantations, are to take care that good and sufficient security be given by the said Edward Hyde accordingly



Recd 25th August 1711 Q 20
Read 23 October 1711 Q 20