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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Spotswood to the Lords Proprietors of Carolina
Spotswood, Alexander, 1676-1740
July 31, 1711
Volume 01, Page 800

[From Spotswood Letters. Vol. 1. P. 102.]

Kiquotan, July 31, 1711.

To the Proprietors of Carolina:

My Lords:

Since my writing this, the Marines are returned after having frighted the Rebellious party so as to lay down their arms and disperse, and I with joy tell Your Lord'ps that there is now some prospect of tranquility in Yo'r Government, and that I have brought this about without effusion of blood, or disorders committed. And upon my arrival at this place, I found Collo. Cary, Levy, Treuit, &c., blustering and pretending to have taken a passage in the Fleet for their going to England, in order to justify their action. Whereupon I had 'em brought before me, but plainly discovered they intended nothing less than a fair Tryal at Your Lord'ps' Board. Wherefore, seeing they would give me no security for such appearance, I have sent them home in the Reserve and Tyger, Men of War, believing the greatest Justice I can do them is to leave them to Your Lord'ps' Examination.