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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Shelton to Daniel Richardson
Shelton, Richard
June 05, 1712
Volume 01, Page 853

-------------------- page 853 --------------------
[Council Journal—Continued.]

Craven house June 5th 1712

To Daniell Richardson Esqr
Receiver Genl of No Carolina
in America


Your are to take ye direction & advice of two or more of ye Lds proptrs Deputys for ye time being to what place and to whome Such Goods & Comodity which you shall receive to their Ldsps use shall be sent & Consigned All ways taking ye first oppertunity of shipping them off and giving Instructions along wth them that such goods as shall be sent to New England the returnes theirof shall be made in peeces of Eight or Christian or Arabian Gold All Goods sent to Virga the returnes must be in bills of Excha. All goods sent to Jamaica in peices of Eight to South Carolina in Rice to Barbadoes or any of ye Leeward Islands in Muscaved Sugar to any other Ports in as convenient a comodity as may be procured there all which returnes upon ye Lds Proptr accot must be sent away by ye first oppertunity and Consigned to Mr Jno Danson Mercht in London Bills of Ladeing are constantly to be sent therewith and advice must be given to ye Lps Proptrs of ye same

By their Lordshipps
Special Comand