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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Pollock
Pollock, Thomas, 1654-1722
September 15, 1712
Volume 01, Page 872

[From Pollock's Letter Book.]

Sept 15th 1712.


The Impertunity of the Council at this juncture hath prevailed with me to accept this place, much contrary to my intention and inclination. And these few lines are only to acquaint you that you may be assured that their shall be nothing wanting of my endeavours in hastening out what forces I can to your assistance, As for those two men at Curetuck Cook(?) and Stafford, the highest punishment you can inflict on them I believe it little enough. But I should be very much troubled, if my administration should begin with the death of any of our people. Wherefore would desire you, if the Court-martial do proceed so far as to give judgement of death upon them, to respite the execution until you have an answer and result from me, and the council. Gentlemen, God almighty give success to your endeavours; which shall be the daily prayer of, Gentlemen,

A true copy sent by Major Chevin