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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Proposals by J. Bass concerning proprietary colonies
Bass, J.
Volume 01, Pages 889-890

[B. P. R. O. Proprieties. B. T. No. 27. p. 109.]

To the Right Honble the Lords Commissioners
of the Council of Trade &c:

May it please your Lordships,

The complaints of the disorders and irregularities of the Proprietary and Charter Colonies still increasing and it being the opinion of this Board that it is of absolute necessity that the Legislative power of the nation is only capable of providing suitable remedies for so great evills by reassuming the powers of Government and placing them in the hands of his Majesty. In order to the attaining this end, I would humbly propose to your Lordships,

That a Commission of Inspection into the state and complaints of the Proprietary and Charter Governments might be granted to such person or persons as to your Lordsps shall judge fit for such a service with suitable Instructions to enquire into the severall Transgressions of the Acts of

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Trade &c. The denyall of Appeals to England The raising and falling of coyne to the damage of the neighboring colonies.

The quantities of Tobacco yearly made in the three Lower Counties of Pennsylvania and how and by whom shipped with the places where

The state of their Militia and Courts of Law. The Boundaries of Pennsylvania more particularly where Mr Penns Patent limited to the Latitude of forty degrees takes its beginning on Delaware River, that a true account may be given of the Quantities of Lands surveyed out of the bounds, the one half of the Quit rents being due and reserved to his Majesty.

The Refuge that hath been given by any of those Proprietary or Harbour Colonies to fugitive sailers or servants &c:

And to make returns of these enquiries with the proofs against the next session of the Parliament by which not only your Lordships but the Honorable Assembly may be thoroughly acquainted with the true state of these Colonies and better enabled to make a due regulation and settlement of them.

This my Lords as it would be but of little expence to his Majesty, so it is humbly conceived would be highly serviceable towards the prevention of the growing evills of those Colonies all which is humbly submitted to your Lordships consideration by

Your Lordships most
humble servant