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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Perquimans Precinct Court
North Carolina. Precinct Court (Perquimans Precinct)
October 13, 1702
Volume 01, Pages 564-565

At A Court Houlden At the House of Capt James Coles the Secont Tuesday In October 1702 for the prcinct of Piquimons
prsent Capt Ralph ffletcher Judg
Mr ffrancis ffoster
Capt James Coles
Mr William Bartlett
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Upon A Peticon of Mistris Mary Swann Shewen that Hir Husband Is ded Haven Mad No Will It is ordered that ye Sd Mary Swann Have ye Admr of ye Goods And Chattels of ye Sd Estate Shee Haven given bond And Security for the Same Mager Samuel Swann Securi

John Jones by His Atturney Thomas Snoden Craves A Reference till ye Next Court upon an Atachment against ye Estate of Daniel Onel

Mary ffisher Proved A Will of James ffisher by William Long And Peter Jones

Thomas Stevens vars Julyana Lakar

In A Plea of ye Case And ye Sd Stevens And Julyana Lakar by their Aturneyes Thomas Norcom And Thomas Snoden Joynes Isshu ye Court Referd It to ye Jury on thare Oathes Say they find for the Plaintef twelfe Pence With Cost of Sute

Ordered that Julyana Lakar Pay to Thomas Stevens twelfe Pence With Cost of Sute Eles Ex.

Albert Albertson vars Peter Albertson And Nathanel Albertson Execeter of Albert Albertson desesed in a plea of ye Case And they Confesed Judgment for tenn pounds Starling ordered that Peter Albertson And Nathanel Albertson pay to Albert Albertson tenn pound Starling With Cost Ales Exceo