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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Spotswood to Thomas Pollock
Spotswood, Alexander, 1676-1740
March 19, 1713
Volume 02, Pages 26-27

[From Calendar of Virginia State Papers. Vol. 1. P. 165.]

Virginia March 19th 1713

To Collo Pollock,


Capt: Jones informeing me of his intended Journey your way, I take this opportunity to let you know, that after divers applications from some of the Tuscara Indians, who say they left yr: Government on the first breaking out of the war & have since remained dispersed on our Frontiers, I judged it necessary to bring under some Regulation such a number of disorderly people; who declared themselves, resolved not to return or submitt to yr: Governmt and agst whose attempts the people of this Country could no otherwise be secure—The disposition I have made of removing them so far from you & placing our Tributarys between them and yr: Frontiers, with a constant Guard of white men at their Towns, both of the one & the other, I doubt not will satisfy all indifferent persons of the care taken to render yr Governmt secure agst all their Designs for the future, & the stipulation of delivering up such as were notoriously

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guilty of the Massacre,—will convince you how much I desire to do justice on those Rogues. As I have never held any correspondence with yr: Indians or other Inhabitants without communicating the same to Coll: Hyde and since his death to yr: Self, so I have now given Capt: Jones a Copy of the Treaty with these Indians. whereby you may be informed of every particular of this Transaction.

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: The date for this document could be 1714, but the "double-dating" convention is not used (showing "1713/14"). In addition, this document is preceded and followed by other documents from 1713.