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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Urmston to Francis Nicholson
Urmston, John
January 01, 1714
Volume 02, Pages 116-117

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

North Carolina, Jan. 1st 171¾.

Honored Sir:

I have some time ago congratulated your safe arrival at Boston, but in hopes still of better things dare not to be so plain with you, being under some obligation of shewing mine to some who perhaps might have disliked, tho' would neither contradict nor yet remedy what I could, and now as heretofore for near these four years have had too much reason to complain of. This is now the time of payment, whilst people have it: Vestries have been summoned, but to avoid payment would not meet, and thus they have served me ever since I came among them, so that I fear I must retire into the next Government for relief, which will be an

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eternal reproach to this Government, and the total ruin of me and my poor family. If these find your Honor at Boston and you shall think fit to intercede with our Governor and Council to provide for me till you come, I shall be very glad to see you here, but without your letter cannot hope to be so happy. I have made use of my witts to live hitherto, but now am at my witt's end. Starve nor dig I cannot, and beg I am ashamed. I humbly entreat your honor to peruse the inclosed and forward them according to directions. These with my humble respects are from

Honorable Sir,