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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Miles Gale to William Taylor
Gale, Miles, 1647-1721
Volume 02, Page 133

-------------------- page 133 --------------------
[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

Hond Sir,

Your letters received from his Excellency the present Govr Eden and my Eldest Son Chr. Gale. I sent for Son Tho: to come over and resolved either to go into the West Indies (as kindly invited both by the Governor and his Eldest Brother) or write his Excuse, he has chosen to do the latter. The work is of that nature, as I was no hindrance to his going & could wish to go myself (tho' now aged 67) rather then Heathenisme, or any other Schism from the Church of England should prevail, 3 of my Sons upon their own choice have gone to Carolina, where two of ym are well married and one dead. I have made all the Enquiry in my power after some to go as Missionaries, they like the terms but dread yt voyage and the heat of that climate. I heartily wish & hope Religion may be taken care for in that Heathenish Country, by those in whose power it is—desiring my Service may be acceptable to yr Honble Socy praying for all your healths and happiness I conclude Worthy Sir

Yours &c.
MILES GALE—Rectr de Wighley.