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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Urmston to William Taylor
Urmston, John
April 13, 1715
Volume 02, Pages 176-177

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

North Carolina April 13. 1715.


I've little to add or vary from wt I have formerly written, my circumstances are little or nothing better'd. The Vestry's very averse to meet & with much difficulty have been prevailed to order me some money but then no care is taken for collecting it—The Chh: Warden of Pascotank Precinct was ordered to collect £30 for ye first year after my coming into this wretched country & hath had it in his hands these two years & I cannot receive it without an arrest wch would cause clamour enough; The Vestry for Chowan where I reside, last December order'd me £110 for ye 3 years last past, but the time is lapsed for ye collection this year & wch was to serve me for a little provision I know not: I've nothing to buy wth & not able to raise any—If I had not with the utmost slavery made a little corn, we shou'd have all perished; I've not a morsel of any thing save corn; Beef or Mutton is not eatable at this time of ye year, nor can we expect any till August. I have been obliged to pay for my plantation at last or must have turned out after Improvements wch amount to near £50—I have drawn a Bill for £60 Stg. upon the Treasurer, wch I hope he will pay in time, if money be not just due; The person it is payable to will stay to take it as it becomes due; I must draw for £40 more in a short time, so yt Goods I must expect none from England this year & tis very hard buying necessaries here at such exorbitant prices. I have often prayed for some relief, if it can be had towards paying for my expenses I am at, but am not so happy We are at Peace, thanks be to God, with the Indians & among ourselves. I hope we shall have a comunion these Holy time but fear my Congregation

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will be small by reason it never was yet administered in our Chappel; I intend to go all over ye next Country towards ye end of this month for ye first time & if I find it practicable may Visit them oftener till yt pt of ye Government can be better supplied.

I am Sir,
Your most humble Servant