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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Urmston to William Taylor
Urmston, John
June 21, 1715
Volume 02, Page 187

-------------------- page 187 --------------------

North Carolina June 21st 1715.


Yours of December 17th per Capt Godfrey I recd 10 days ago by which I understand I must not expect any addition to my Salary 'tis true I am allowed more than most Missionaries but then it ought to be considered that my Lot is such a Wretched Hole as is not to be parell'd, my circumstances very mean, a numerous family, obliged to buy house land servants and stock at the worst hand besides abundance of necessaries which every one must have that will live here, everything that is useful to a Farmer with Tools for divers trades and he that cannot use them himself must have others, whose demands are very exorbitant especially of me: The fate of most Clergymen. We pay 5 or 6 hundred pr Ct for all goods imported 20£ per Ann sent in English goods yearly would have been of more service than my whole income, at the rate I have been forced to part with it, the Country will never be brought to make any provision for a Minister; they have all in general imbibed a Quaker like abhorrence of Hirelings, as averse to be at any charge in the saving of their souls as their Country; praying and fighting they equally dislike which are at this time like to prove pernicious tenets for we are nowe in more danger of being destroyed or driven out by the Heathen. I suppose you will have the unwelcome news 'ere this arrives of the loss of a great part if not all South Carolina, if all the neighboring Indians be joyned, the Inhabitants cannot withstand them, all endeavours have been used to send them some help, but fear our men will be attacked by the way, for the Indians are coming down upon us, have cut off some of our friendly Indians at Cape Fare, a small party have been seen within our Government so that we have too much reason to fear the worst. God knows what account my next may bring. I beg of you recommend us all to the prayers of the Society and believe me

Your unfortunate poor Frd