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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Charles Eden to William Taylor
Eden, Charles, 1673-1722
May 10, 1716
Volume 02, Pages 227-229

[From N. C. Letter Book of S. P. G.]

Chowan North Carolina May 10th 1716


I recd the honour of yours dated Novr 18th last but the 5th day

As soon as the Vestry's can be called of this precinct, the place of Mr Urmston's residence, I shall in obedience to the Commands of the Most Honorable Society recommend that Gentleman's case to them and make

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not much doubt the members will relieve him in the affair he complains of to your Board and as for the Precinct of Pasquotank he has already recd part of that money and the residue will be paid in by Tuesday in Whitsun week which is the time appointed by that Vestry for it; I have particularly recommended that matter to the Secretary of this Province who I am well assured will take all necessary care of him.

If Mr Urmstone is not so happy in this place as he might have been, I doubt he has but himself to thank for it; He has been but a moderate conductor of his affairs, which I believe has run him into so many ill conveniences that he easily might have avoided, But having spoken so largely of that Gentleman already, I care not for mentioning him now, nor should I have done it had it not been in regard to the Country whereof I have the Honour to be Governor.

I take the liberty to enclose with this an Abstract of an Act of Assembly made here the last Winter which I beg Sir you will lay before the Society. It may serve to give those Gentlemen a specimen of the inclinations of these poor people Tennts to my Masters the Lords proprietors wch are not so black as they have been painted, but on the Contrary are as willing as any of his Majesty's Subjects on the Continent to contribute to the utmost to the subsisting of Ministers that are Gentlemen of good lives and affable behaviour & conversation. Though hitherto it has been their misfortune to be in a manner void of such necessary instructors, I dare not presume to ask any favor of the Gentlemen of the Society. They being the only Judges how, for they can extend their nursing care to a poor uninstructed people. But if we cannot be so happy as to procure ministers for each four parishes would they but please to send us schoolmasters qualified, as mentioned in their most excellent rules. I verily believe the Inhabitants would willingly pay them the greatest part of their Salaries established by the Act for reading the Service and Catechising the Children reserving the overplus to any of your Missionaries who should visit them twice or thrice in the year.

In most of the parishes they have already established two or three readers who are the most capable persons we can get here. To some of which they allow pr. Ann thirty pounds. To others twenty pounds and to none less than Ten pounds.

The Gentleman you mentioned to be ordered from the Southward to Bath County is not yett arrived whenever he does I wish he may be such an one as they have need of otherwise he may prove of ill consequence by giving room to Sectaries breaking in upon the people, who as yet have few or none amongst them. How soon they may be furnished

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I know not. They beginning now, to reap the benefit of Peace with the Heathen, which since my former I have had the good luck in a great measure to procure for them & make but little doubt of Establishing that great blessing.

I intend in the Fall to settle at Pemptisough with my Family & entreat your Favour with the Society, that an honest Gentleman may be appointed thither, where I am confident the poor People would do anything to encourage him to discharge so great a Trust, and whilst I am speaking for what I should esteem my own particular happiness to have the conversation of such an one, So you may be assured I would let nothing be wanting in my part make every thing Expedatious.

I beg my most humble duty to the most Honourable Society, whose commands I shall always Esteem my happiness to Obey whenever you communicate them to him who is with great respect

Sir Your Most humble Servt