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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of a meeting of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
July 27, 1716
Volume 02, Pages 234-235

[B. P. R. O. N. C. B. T. P. 89.]

Lindsey House July 27th 1716.
Lord Carteret Palatin
Mr Bertie
Sr Fulwar Skipwith
Sr John Colleton
Mr Danson.

Resolv'd that Blank Deputations be sent to North Carolina

Mr Eden's Report about the laps'd land in answer to their Lordps letter to him of 26th March last with several Queries to Mr Lee and his Answers were read

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And their Lordps were of opinion that Mr Eden's said Report & Remarks &c are a full and just vindication of their Lordps Officers in that part of the Province from the unjust and malicious complaints of Mr Lee in relation to the Laps'd Land.

It was their Lordps opinion that the Tenants ought to be held to their covenants in their Grand Deeds in relation to the payment of their Quit Rents but that all the purchase money now due for land should be made in Sterling Money or sixteen penny weight the Crown or in the produce of the Country equivalent thereunto And their Lordships resolv'd to put a stop to the selling of lands of North Carolina but at their own Board

Order'd that a letter upon this subject be prepared by the Secretary to the Council and Assembly of North Carolina.