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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina to Charles Eden
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
August 01, 1716
Volume 02, Pages 238-239

[B. P. R. O. B. T. No. Carolina. Vol. 6. P. 37.]
To Charles Eden Esqre Sir,

Your Report, in answer to our Letter wrote to you 26th March 1715 concerning the ill use some of our Officers made of the Law pass'd in the Assembly, relating to laps'd Lands, And also several Queries you put to Mr Lee and his answers thereunto, and a Petition of the Inhabitants of Craven Precinct, with your Remarks upon the Cases of the several Petitioners were this Day read at Our Board, and after a due consideration of those papers, we were all of Opinion, that they were a full and just Vindication of our Officers from the unreasonable and malicious Complaints made against them by Mr Lee. But that which gives us great satisfaction in your Report, is where you take notice that the Intention of our Letter to you was the Relief of Orphans and Widows and others who were render'd Objects of Compassion by the Calamities of the War, but you say hitherto very few have appear'd under those Circumstances, but if at any time such shall make their Case known, with very great pleasure you will do every thing in your Power for their Relief that we can require of you, This is all that We desire of you; For what We have constantly at heart is, that justice may be carefully and duly administer'd in Our Province, and that the Peace and Satisfaction of all the Inhabitants under Our Care be most effectually established.

The Body of your Laws have been laid before Us, We shall take care to peruse them, and repeal or confirm them after due Consideration, as we shall think most proper and convenient for the Service of the Country. What We have done in relation to the Bills passing in payments to Us for our Lands and for our small Quit Rents, We refer you to our Letter to the Councill and Assembly, but we have resolv'd that no Land shall be sold in the Province under your Care, but that such sales only

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of Land as are made at our Board shall be good and of this We expect you shou'd give Mr Maule Our Surveyor General notice.

We have consented that Bath Town according to the Petition sent by you shall be made a Sea Port Town, and we have given our Secretary Orders accordingly. But how or after what manner it shall be made a Corporation we have taken time to consider of. We wish you all happiness and success in your Government and are,

Your very loving Friends.

August 1st 1716