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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the South Carolina Commons House of Assembly [Extracts]
South Carolina. General Assembly
Volume 02, Pages 254-260

[Extracts From Journal of South Carolina House of Assembly 1716.]

[No 5—Page 8—Page 338. Original.]

Governor Hunter and Governor Eden claim also our best acknowledgments as persons sincerely affected with our calamities. The one sending us a very considerable assistance in gallant & expert officers and soldiers; & the other laboring with the greatest application and industry

-------------------- page 255 --------------------
to engage the warlike Senekas in our cause, a people who by the power of their arms and terror of their name, are alone equal to the War, and sufficient to subdue all our enemies, and whom we may daily expect to that purpose.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Upon a motion being made, that an address of thanks be returned to ye Governor for his speech made to the House; Ordered that Arthur Middleton Esq. Maj James Cockran, Mr Benj. De La Conseillere and Mr Thos Diston be and they are hereby appointed a committee to draw up an address to that purpose and that they prepare and bring in the same tomorrow morning.

[Page 9-338 in the Original.]

The House being informed that Lieut. General James Moore and Col. Maurice Moore attend according as the House desired, who according to order being admitted in, Mr Speaker (by direction from the House) informing them that the House desired to know their opinion, whether or no, one hundred white men might not be sufficient to go along with ye said Indians or ye aforesaid expedition, they declared, they were of opinion, that one hundred white men were certainly sufficient for that purpose; and then they withdrew.

Lieut. James Moore being sent for again was (by Mr Speaker) desired to let the House know if he had discoursed with Cherokee Hecky relating to the aforesaid one hundred white men, & he informed the House, that he had already discoursed with him on that subject, who told him, that one hundred white men were sufficient to go on the said expedition.

The House proceed to take under debate the other part of the aforessaid written message, relating to the number of arms and ammunition; and after some time spent therein; Resolved; that two hundred arms and ammunition proportionable be provided for the aforesaid expedition.

Ordered; that the Clerk of this House draw up an answer to ye aforesaid written message of the Governor and Council. The Clerk having drawn the said Message, it was agreed to by the House and ordered to be engrossed.

[Page 16—Page 343 in the Original.]

A Message from the Governor and Council by Capt. John Croft Dep. Secretary with a petition from Col. Maurice Moore recommend to the consideration of this House.

-------------------- page 256 --------------------

Resolved; That this House will, at their meeting this afternoon take the same into consideration.

In the afternoon the House met according to adjournment.

The House (according to order) proceeded to take into consideration the petition of Col. Maurice Moore, which was thereupon ordered to be read, the said speech was read accordingly; Upon motion and debate of the same.

Ordered; That Col. Maurice Moore be desired (by the Messenger) to atttend this House, and when come into the same Mr Speaker do give him the thanks of this House for his service to this Province, in his comeing so cheerfully with the forces brought from North Carolina to our assistance, and for what further services he and they have done since their arrival here.

The House being informed that Col. Maurice Moore attended; it was ordered that he should be admitted; who was admitted accordingly, and Mr Speaker (according to order) gave him the thanks of this House for his said services; And having expressed his acknowledgment to the House for that favor, he then withdrew.

On a further debate of the subject matter contained in the petition—

Resolved; That for the encouragement of the private soldiers who came from North Carolina to the assistance of this Province, to continue longer in the service of the same in the expedition to the Cherokees, and also for such other soldiers as may serve therein, that the sum of six pound current money per month be allowed to each of them, and so proportionable during the time they shall remain in the said service and that such of them who shall provide themselves horses shall be allowed seven Pounds per month.

Resolved; That for an encouragement to the officers who shall command the said soldiers in the said Cherokee expedition; that the Lieut. General of those forces be allowed forty Pounds per month; three other officers each sixteen Pounds per month and one other officer twelve Pounds per month, and so proportionable during the time they shall remain in the said service.

Ordered; That Col. Maurice Moore, (by the messenger) be desired to attend this House who attending accordingly; Ordered; That he be admitted in; and that the two above resolutions be read to him when he is so admitted. The said Col. Moore being admitted accordingly, and the aforesaid resolutions read to him by the Clerk He declared that the encouragement therein given was sufficient and after desiring copies of the said two resolutions, he withdrew.

-------------------- page 257 --------------------

Resolved; That copies of the said resolutions be given to Col. Maurice Moore according to his desire, and Ordered that the same be attested by the Clrk of this House.

Mr Thos Diston made a Report, from the Committee appointed to buy the Indians trading goods, which are to be sent to the Cherokees; That they had agreed for several goods for that purpose which Report he read in his place, and afterwards delivered in at the table.

The Committee appointed to buy the Indian trading goods, do Report, That the Said committee have bought most of the said goods this House ordered them, the particulars whereof will appear by the several Bills of parcels now laid before this House, but that there is still wanting 62 guns and 25 hangers to complete the complement of goods this House ordered the said Committee to contract for.

Upon debate of the subject matter of said Report,

Ordered; That an endorsement be made on the back of the account of every parcel of goods bought for the use of the Cherokees, and that the same be in the following form of words. viz; Pursuant to a resolution of the General Assembly, impowering a Committee of this House to buy a certain quantity of Indian trading goods, arms and ammunition for the use of the Publick, this engages the public faith to make payment and satisfaction for the within mentioned goods amounting to the sum of at the time and after the manner herein specified.

Ordered; That Mr Speaker sign the same and that it be sent to the Governor and Council for their concurrence.

[Page 28—Page 350 in Original.]

Thursday March 8th 1716.

The House met according to adjournment.

The Clerk (according to Order) having prepared the address to the Governor, directed to be drawn yesterday by the House; he read the same at the table which was agreed to by the House without any amendments.

Ordered; That the said address be engrossed.

May it please your Honors.

This House having under their consideration the expediting the sending away the forces for the intended expedition to the Cherokees humbly desire your Honors to commissionate Lieut. General James Moore for that purpose, and four other officers under him, to three of which this House thinks fit for their encouragement to allow sixteen pounds each per month, and to the other twelve pounds per month. And do recommend

-------------------- page 258 --------------------
to your Honor Col. Theophilus Hastings, Col. Alexr Macky, Major John Herbert and Capt. Joseph Ford to be the said officers.

Ordered; that Mr Speaker do sign the same.


Ordered; that Benj Schenckingh & Capt. Walter Izard do carry the same message to the Governor.

Resolved; that a message be sent to the Governor relating to the officers who are to command the forces designed for the Cherokee expedition.

Ordered; that the Clerk draw up immediately a written message for the purpose, which was drawn up (according to order) and accordingly read by him at the table, to which the House having agreed with some amendments.

Ordered; that the said message be engrossed.

[Page 37—Page 355 Original.]

Upon motion, Ordered; That Col. Maurice Moore be by the messenger of this House desired to attend this House immediately; who attending accordingly, ordered; that he be admitted in, who was accordingly admitted. And Mr Speaker (by order of the House) acquainted him with the desire of the House, that he give orders to draw up the forces that came hither with him from North Carolina, somewhere without the Town, in order to know which of them will continue longer in the service of the War; which he promised to see and get done forthwith; and then withdrew.

[Page 40—Page 357 Original.]

Upon motion; Ordered; that the Commissioners appointed by an act of Assembly, for raising forces &c do draw an order or orders on the paymaster to the Army, to pay the forces that came from North Carolina under the command of Col. Theophilus Hastings to the assistance of this Province what money is due to them, in order to their being sent home.

Ordered; that Mr Speaker sign this order, and that it be sent to the Governor and Council for their Concurrence.


No 5. Assented to in the Upper House.


Ordered; that Capt Edw. Hyrne & Mr Samuel Wragg carry the Said order to the Governor & Council.

A Message from the Governor & Council by Capt. John Croft Dep. Sectry who returned the order signed by the Governor, relating to paying

-------------------- page 259 --------------------
Col. Hastings men, & sent the petition of William Gray recommended to this House.

[Page 72—Page 371 in Original.]

A written message from the Governor and Council by Capt. John Croft Dep. Sectry and with a letter from Col. Theophilus Hastings to Lieut. Gen. James Moore recommended to the consideration of this House.

Mr Speaker and Gents.

I have sent you the messenger that brought me the express from the Cherokees, that if you have any inclination to examine him he is there ready to answer the questions, I desire you to send me back Col. Hastings letter.


The House being informed that Patrick Carrill who brought the said letter to the Governor attended he was admitted in, and examined as to some matters relating to the same and then withdrew.

[Page 170— . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .]

Friday Nov. 16th 1716.

The House being informed, that the Commissioners of the Indian Trade, attended in order to lay an account of their proceedings as such, before this House.

Ordered; that they be admitted in who were admitted accordingly; and having laid their several papers, relating to their proceedings & Col. Hastings journal before the House; they then withdrew.

Resolved; that the said proceedings, Journal and papers be taken in consideration at the meeting of the House this afternoon.

The House adjourned till the afternoon three o'clock.

In the afternoon the House met according to adjournment.

The House taking under Consideration and debate, the demands made by Col. Theophilus Hastings principal factor of the Indian trade upon the Commissioners thereof.

Upon reading the first article of said demands;

Resolved; that it is the opinion of this House, that three assistants are sufficient for and that so many be allowed the said Hastings, and that they be under him in carrying on the Indian trade at the Cherokees.

Upon reading the second and third articles of the same.

Resolved; that no expenses be allowed the said Hastings during the time of his stay in Charles Town, nor any thing allowed him to buy baskets or any thing else among the Indians for his own use; but that

-------------------- page 260 --------------------
for his encouragement, the sum of twenty Pounds over and above what the Commissioners of the said trade do allow him, be paid annually, out of the profits of the stock of the said trade.

Upon reading the fourth article of the same.

Resolved; that a blanket be given each of the two Indians who came down into the settlements along with the said Hastings.