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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Vestry of the Southwestern Parish of Pasquotank Precinct to David Humphreys
Southwestern Parish of Pasquotank Precinct
August 10, 1717
Volume 02, Pages 291-292

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

Pasquotank Precinct
August 10th 1717

May it Please the Honble Society

We received the favor of yours of June the 11th past signed by your Secretary Mr Humphreys and in answer thereto take leave to inform you that by an act of the last Assembly made Jany 1715 the Precinct of Pasquotank was divided into two parishes, each Parish has power to raise £50 per annum by the Poll, which with the allowance made by you Honr to Missionarys would be a very handsome maintenance, could

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we be so happy as thro' your charitable disposition and appointment to enjoy one. Since the death of poor Mr. Adams we have been altogether deprived of that happiness the present Missionary living in Chowan precinct about 30 miles distant from hence and seldome comeing down above once a year, so that he has very little allowance from hence save what presents he has made him upon particular occasions which are sometimes very considerable, as to the manner of pay in this Country, we must beg leave to inform your Honors, that there is no running cash, but that to supply that defect all our commodities are rated and answer the same end.

And now since your Honorable Society has given us this occasion of addressing ourselves to you we beg leave to further represent to you that some years ago his Excellency Francis Nicholson gave to this precinct (as well as Chowan prequimons) the sum of 10£ sterling to be employed towards the building of a church, bnt that money being not made use of till the year 1708 after much solicitation and management by Mr. Glover and Mr. Knights, the same was lent to Mr. Glover by order of the Vestry, a copy whereof is here enclosed, since which Glover is dead and his widow married to said Knight who by one artifice or other will in all probability deprive the Parish of that money as may appear by his protest to the Vestry here also enclosed unless some ways relieved by your Honorable Society either by representing the case to our Lords Proprietors whose officer he is or otherwise as you in your wisdom shall think fit to direct or advise. We are in all humility your

Honors most humble servants
Church Wardens & others

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: csr23-0001, page 7 lists the vestrymen for this parish, which correspond to the signatures on this letter given in full in The Colonial Records of North Carolina (second series) Volume X, page 250.