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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Charles Eden to David Humphreys
Eden, Charles, 1673-1722
October 08, 1717
Volume 02, Pages 292-293

[From N. C. Letter Book of S. P. G.]

North Carolina Octr 8—1717

Most Honour'd

The Lds props of Carolina having thought fit to Honr me with ye Governmt of the North part of their Ldps. Province I take leave as I think it is my duty to remonstrate to you the deplorable state of Religion

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in this poor Province, it is now almost four months since I enter'd upon the Governmt where I found no clergyman upon the place but Mr Urmstone one of your Missionaries who is really an honest pains taking Gentleman & worthy your care but poor man wth the utmost endeavours is not able to serve one half ye Coy of Albemarle wch adjoins to Virginia when as the County of Bath is of a much larger extent and wholly destitute of any assistance, I cannot find but ye people are well enough inclined to imbrace all opportunity of attending ye service of God & to contribute to ye utmost of their ability tw'ds the support of such Missionarys as you shall in your compassion to their circumstances think fit to send amongst them, but our tedious Indian War has reduced ye country so low that without your nursing care the very footsteps of Religion will in a short time be worn out & those who retain any remembrance of it will be wholly lead away by the Quakers, whereas a few of the Clergy of a complaisant temper & regular lives wou'd not be only the darlings of ye people, but wou'd be a means in time to recover those all ready seduced by Quakerism—This is what I thought myself under an indispensible obligation to lay before you for your serious considerations & at ye same time I take leave to recommend to you the person from whose hands you'l receive this Vizt Mr Thos Gale (a near Relation to ye late Dean of York) late of Trinity College in Cambridge who I doubt not will come otherwise recommended as a very proper person for your service if he shall meet with your approbation—

There has been destroyed by the Indians since ye beginning of ye warr above four score unbaptized Infants & there are a great number in ye county of Bath even to seaven years old now under that circumstance for no other cause but want of opportunity & as yet there are no Quakers in that county.

The growth of them in it I hope the charitable care of yr most Honorable Society will effectually prevent I wish I could be any ways instrumental in serving any thing sent by you in these parts whenever an opportunity offers with great readiness I shall be glad to show [how] much I am most Honorable Gentlemen

Your Obedt & most humble Servant