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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Urmston to David Humphreys
Urmston, John
May 02, 1718
Volume 02, Page 304

-------------------- page 304 --------------------
[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

North Carolina May 2nd 1718


Since my last of October 23rd last past per Via Boston I have been in Curratuck where I baptized 35 children and the Mother of one of them; she hath 3 sisters and 2 Brethern all adults the sons and daughters of an Anabaptist who pretends to be a Physician Fortune Teller and Conjurer, always chosen Burgess for that precinct and a leading man in our Assemblies a fit Man you will say, for a Vestry man, but we have too many such in other Vestries whence it is we find so little favor among them; they rather oppose than promote the Interest of our Church rather than be subject to such Mr Taylor my fellowe Laborer relies upon the Voluntary contributions of a fewe in the Neighborhood (I commend him not for it) but being unable to travel he keeps to one house has the 4 of Chamber for his apartment and the Liberty of a large room to Preach in there's one Crisp my Neighbor gone for England, I doubt not but impower'd to endeavor to procure more and better Missionaries that will enrich the People but take nothing from them, this is the squeamish Gentn who instead of conform to would have it said in the Vestry Act every Vestry man should promise not to oppugn the Church as by Law Established and after all tho' appointed, refused to become a Vestry man

I am
Your most humble servt