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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
February 22, 1720
Volume 02, Pages 374-375

[Council Journal.]

22 Feb 1720

At a Council held at the House of Coll Thomas Pollock February 22d 1719/20
Present the Honble Chas Eden Esqr Governor—Captt Genl & Admiral
Thomas Pollock Esqr Lords proptrs Depty
Frederick Jones Esqr Lords proptrs Depty
Richard Sanderson Esqr Lords proptrs Depty

The Honble the Governor having had information that the Inhabitants of South Carolina had revolted from the Lords proprietors that they had turned out all their Officers appointed a New govern'r and taken the administration into their owne hands and hearing that Coll Christopher Gale was Just arrived from thence he ordered Mr Lovick the Secretary to Attend him and desire him to wait on the Council to give them an accompt of the proceedings of that Government who accordingly came and this Board required that he would give them accompts in writeing of what he knew of the Revolution in South Carolina and the causes of it.

This Board haveing business of moment with the Surveyor General

Its ordered that he attend the Board to morrow Morneing by Eleaven of the Clock at Coll Pollock house without fail

Then this Board adjourned til tomorrow at Eleaven of the Clock in the forenoon

Feb 23d This Board being met again ut supra

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Coll Gale's Letter was produced writ to the Honble the Governor giveing a perticular accompt of the Turne affairs in South Carolina upon which this Board came to a Resolution that an address should be prepared by the Secretary against the next sitting of the Council to assure the Lords proprietors that this Board utterly detests the proceedings of that province and that nothing shall be wanting in their power to propagate their Interest here and that they are intirely easy and satisfied under their Lordships Government and will allways use their utmost endeavours to maintain it.

Infamation haveing been made to this Board by Captain John Grey and others that the Council of Verginia have given orders to their Surveyors to lay out thirty thousand acres of Land on Moratock river beginning at Bridgers Creek and running up the river which Land being long since granted to the Inhabitants of this Goverment and this Board haveing duly weighed and Considered of the same and being well satisfied it is not within the Controverted bounds but within the undoubted limits of this Government and Consented to by that of Verginia

Its Ordered that the Surveyor General or his Sufficient Deputy attend those persons from Virginia to observe their motions and in a peaceable manner desire them to desist from their undertakings and in case they should not upon the surveyors remonstrating to them that they have no right or authority to take up or survey Lands in the bounds aforementioned he Is then Commanded to apply himself to Capt Grey who is to assist him with his Company to prevent their makeing any survey so contrary to the agreement made between this Goverment and that of Verginia until the bounds be adjusted and its further ordered that the Secretary send orders to Capt John Grey to have his Company in readyness

By Order