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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Urmston to David Humphreys [Extract]
Urmston, John
July 21, 1721
Volume 02, Pages 431-432

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

London July 21, 1721


I am now blessed be God safe arrived after a tedious and expensive voyage I hope not without leave in order to go back again on such terms as are absolutely necessary and expedient or rather to end my days in my native country and with all submission to my superiors I think it most reasonable after having served the church 27 years been missionary well nigh twelve thereof among an ungrateful people—struggled with great

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inconveniences of living in such an obscure corner of the world inhabited by the dregs and gleanings of all other English Colonies and a very unhealthy Country which have driven many Clergymen out of it not being able to stay so many months as I have years and brought others to their Graves seeing then it hath pleased Almighty God to prepare me a body to endure more than any of my function ever did or I am persuaded ever will I see no reason I should be doomed to exile I hope I shall find favor for although aged I have still sufficient strength of body the Lord be praised some share of sense and ability to serve my God and his Holy Church the remains of a liberal Education long travels and scraps of the French and Italian Tongues and am of opinion employment may be found for such an one this I pray you lay before the Honorable Society this meeting at the door attends—yours &c