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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Description by Thomas Bailey concerning his dispute with Richard Everard
Bailey, Thomas
Volume 02, Pages 579-580

-------------------- page 579 --------------------
[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

The 9th of Novr Sir Richd Everard came up to the House where I lived in Bertie Precinct, where I had 2 days conference with Sir Richd in my own chamber & Sir Richds discourse being stuffd very much with unusual reflections on our late Govr Mr Burrington I shew'd a dislike, whereupon Sir Richd took upon him with abundance of heat & warmth to reflect upon myself by telling me, that I not only stood precarious as a Minister here, but that it was in his Power to prevent my preaching here to the people, I humbly answered him that I had done nothing unbecoming my Ministerial Function, but had more diligently attended in the precinct than any former Minister ever had done, by collecting more numbers of People and Baptizing more people & Children; neither had I been wanting to acquaint his Honor in time, of the reasons of my coming to No. Carolina, that the vestry of Bertie Precinct had sent me an invitatory letter, with promises of great encouragements, which letter I shew'd to him & told him before I sat down with them. I exhibited to our former Govr Mr Burrington, to Colll Moseley & Divers others of the Govr when there was no minister in the Govt, who together with the public approv'd of my residence with them, under which Govr I lived very peacibly & added, there was many People daily at Church, upon which Sir Richard became more moderate, but still levelling his discourse against Mr Burrington. I express'd an uneasiness, by telling him I knew of no harm of Mr Burrington, & that I could not speak with other men's tongues & I told Sir Richd, that if I could not obtain his countenance, without speaking evil of any man, that I knew no evil of. I must despair of obtaining it. Sir Richd then was very calm & invited me & my wife to his house at Edenton accordingly the Monday following I set out for Edenton, & arrived there, Thursday Morning. the Saturday following I met with the Revd Mr Blacknell, I asked leave of his Pulpit; he answered, I was welcome to his Pulpit; soon after, I met with Sir Richds Son, told him I intended to Preach to-morrow; he told me his father invited me to a dish of Chocolate in the morning. I answered. I would wait upon Sir Richard & accordingly did, when I met with a free access, good entertainment, exceptions only, some scandalous and gross reflections on Mr Burrington. I told Sir. Richd I was not susceptible of

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such egregrious reflections on a Gentleman of so vast a character among both Rich & Poor, as Mr Burrington always did & does to this support. immediately entered a Bevy of Ladies, to Breakfast with Sir Richard, we broke off our discourse took my leave & departed, expecting Sir Richd & the Ladies to come to church at the time appointed; & after I had taken a walk about an hour and a half, meeting with Mr Paris he asked me, whether it was not time for Church or no; I answered in the affirmative asking him who Kept the Key who answered Mr Badham & that he would go for it & immediately did & as soon returned telling me, the Govr had sent for it, at which I was very much surprised. the Congregation being ready for their devotion, there was a great murmuring, from, which I understood, that the Door would be broke open. I desired them not to do it. for I would go to Sir Richard for the Key myself rather than any violence should be used & accordingly I approached Sir Richd after this manner (who was then in company only with Dr Allen, a man of a vile Character & lately condemned at Williamsburgh for cursing King George & Mr Drysdale who is Govr of Virginia) Sir Richd the congregation waits to go to church & I beg that your Honor will please to let me have the Key. He taking the Key, then up in a great rage, thus express'd himself. Sirrah I will make you know who is Govr. I answered I knew that his Honor was Govr & I hoped that his Honor knew likewise who was Priest. he reply'd, I should not preach to-day. I told him that I would & that unless his Honor would please to send the Key. I was assured by what I heard that the Dore would be opened. he said he would put me in Prison if I did Preach. I answered however I would try that, not doubting that God would defend me. I then departed and come to Church, where the Door was open. I went in read Divine Service & gave the people a Sermon. The next morning a warrant was sent by the Constable from justice Gale which is as follows.

When I came before the Justice. he examining me demanded Security or would order me to Prison. I demanded Security of him for his libel, which denomination I gave the warrant. Information being given by a person, notoriously disaffected to King George & lately arraigned for publicly cursing the King & Government & by many evidences was convicted condemned & fined also recorded within the Capitol at Williamsburgh for the same yet notwithstanding this, to prison I must have went had not Mr Burringtons compassion & love to the Clergy prevented by offering himself Bail which was accepted