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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from the Vestries of St. Thomas Parish, Bath and Hyde Parishes concerning payment for Thomas Bailey
St. Thomas' Parish (Beaufort Precinct); Hyde Parish (Hyde Parish)
May 25, 1726
Volume 02, Pages 624-625

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

Bath Town. North Carolina May 25 1726.

May it please your Lordships

To receive with clemency the humble Petition of the Churchwardens, Vestry & Gentlemen of St Thomas' Parish Bath Town. North Carolina. in the behalf of Mr Bailey our Pious & Exemplary Minister, who was recommended to us by our late Govr Coll Geo Burrington and has been in these parts almost 3 years. long expecting the usual Salary from the Royal Society, which we presume afore this time would have been affixed had not his recommendations been intercepted. The sense we have of Mr Bailey's administration in the Gospel & the great pains & care he hath taken, since he hath been amongst us, obligeth us on this occasion to acknowledge the benefit this Province has enjoyed from the same & since his desires of continuing with us if assisted with the usual Salary from the Honoble Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in No Carolina as well as in other parts of America, a place wanting the blessed benefit of the Gospel more than any other part of your Lordship's most extensive

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Diocese & his Majesty's Dominion abroad, we beg leave therefore, together with our neighbouring Vestry & Parish humbly to Petition your Lordships to recommend the Revd Mr Thos Bailey. our able and worthy divine to the Honoble Society for the £80 per annum, which our former Ministers have been possessed with, assuring your Lordship that we shall not be wanting to provide for him as honorable a support as possibly we can, but for as much as the late Indian wars have rendered us unable to raise a sufficient Subsidy for a decent maintenance of the Ministry, we unanimously & humbly petition your Lordship's assistance in the settling so pious and able a man as Mr Bailey amongst us, under whose Ministry we esteem ourselves very happy & your Petitioners as in Duty bound shall ever pray.

JOSIAH JONES Churchwarden
MATT ROAN Churchwarden
& Several others

The Commissioners of the Vestry of Hide Parish who were authorized by order of the Vestry to meet & join with the Gentlemen of St. Thos Parish have met the same day and do most humbly supplicate the same from your Lordships and shall ever pray

ROBt REYTON, Bart. &c &c