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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Act of the Virginia General Assembly concerning debtors
Virginia. General Assembly.
Volume 02, Page 835

-------------------- page 835 --------------------
[Hening's Va. Statutes at Large. A. D. 1643. Vol. 1. P. 256.]

The Governor and Counsell with the Burgesses of the Grand Assembly havinge taken into serious consideration the estate of the collony and finding that many people have (through their ingagements in England) forsaken their native country and repaired hither with resolution to abide here, hopeing in time to gain some competency of subsistence by their labors, Yet neverth'les their creditors hearing of their abroad here in the collony, have prosecuted them with their actions to the ruine of the said debtors, And having duely weighed the causes and reasons induceing such debtors to leave their country and friends, And if such suits and pleas be thus early admitted before the countrey shall have come to better maturity, It might hazard the deserting of a great part of the country, Therefore that the general good be preferred before the particular ends of any person, The Governor Counsell and Burgesses do hereby enact and confirm, that all process and suits of this nature be suspended until his majestie shall signifie his royal pleasure herein, Provided that if it shall appear to the Governor and Counsell that the debts so impleaded have relation to the collony either for adventure of any goods or for the accomodation of any planter in or for his return into the Colony, Then it shall and may be lawful for any creditor upon just proof of his debt to have such relief as in justice shall be found due. Any thing in this act to the contrary notwithstanding.