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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina to George II, King of Great Britain concerning the sale of the Carolina shares
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
Volume 03, Pages 6-7

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. Vol. 5. P. 279.]

To the Kings Most Excellent Majestie

The Humble Memorial of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina Sheweth

That about twelve months agoe your Memorialists (after a treaty) Humbly proposed to Surrender to your Majestie all their right and interest in the said Province as Lords Proptors thereof for Twenty five thousand pounds

That your Memorialists laid their several titles before Your Majesties Attorney and Sollr General in July last and a Conveyance has been prepared with a covenant therein from your Memorialists that they should consent to An Act of Parliament and they have for some time been in daily expectation of having their Surrender accepted and purchase money paid But they are now to their great surprise toll'd this can't be done till an an Act is first obtained

That some of your Memorialists have been detained In town to attend to attend this affair much to their prejudice and the Inhabitants and State of the said province greatly suffers from the present unsetled condition thereof

These proceedings Your Memorialists humbly take leave to represent to your Majestie and that every days delay is not only an hardship to them but to all your Majesties Subjects in the said province

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Wherefore they hymbly pray your Majestie will be pleased in such manner as in your Royal Wisdom you shall Judge most expedient either to direct a a Surrender to be forthwith accepted from your Memorialists on payment of the Consideration mony or to give leave that your Memorialists may have the full & free exercise of all the powers granted by your Royal Predecessor King Charles the Second

All which is most Humbly submitted to your Majesties Royal Wisdom & Goodnes