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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Edmund Porter to Thomas Pelham-Holles, Duke of Newcastle
Porter, Edmund, ca. 1685-1737
January 24, 1729
Volume 03, Pages 7-8

[B. P. R. O. Proprieties. B. T. Vol. 12. R. 106.]

May it please your Grace

Whilst I have the honour of bearing the Office of Judge of Admiralty in this Province, I think it my Duty to make Information of all such

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things as are manifestly prejudicial to His Majesty; It is for this reason that I humbly offer these few lines, and to Inclose to yor Grace the Copy of an Original Order signed by Sir Richd Everard our present Governor, to one Mr John Lovick acting as Secy under the late Proprietors of this Country, who has refused to Obey the same. Your Grace will comprehend by the Contents of that Order what Management there has been here concerning Lands for many years past.

If I mistake not there was a former Order from the Lords proprietors ever since the Year 1711, to forbid the Issuing out Warrants for Land in the Southern parts of this Government, unless the same was purchased at the rate of Twenty pounds Sterling for every Thousand Acres; Notwithstanding which, I have been informed the present Secy has Emitted a great number of such Warrants to the quantity of some hundred thousand Acres, & still continues to do the same, thō he well knows his Majesty has made a purchase of the Soil; which may be some thousand pounds Damage to the Crown; for if our Gracious King has purchased these proprietary Countrys, no doubt it is with the Advantages of all such former Orders as it then stood at the time of such purchase.

One thing more I beg leave to acquaint your Grace with, this Mr Lovick, Edward Moseley, Christophr Gale & one Willm Little were lately appointed (at the expense of the Proprietrs) to run the Line, or Confines, between this Governmt & the Colony of Virginia, and for such service they have been carving out their own satisfaction in Lands, and at the same time, if I am not misinformed they are making application to his Majty to be allowed in Cash for the same Service, in proportion to what the Commissrs on the part of Virginia had.

I thought it was proper to give your Grace this timely notice, not knowing but that such matters in respect of yor Grace's Eminent Station as Secy of State, & principly concerned in this quarter of the World, but the same might come properly before yor Grace, or some Inspecting Officer of your Appointment. And if at any time Sir you are pleased to lay your Commands on me, respecting any Affair of this Province, no man will more chearfully Obey than

My Lord Your Grace's Most Dutifull Servant

North Carolina.

Jany 24th 1728. [1729]