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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Gooch to the Board of Trade of Great Britain [Extract]
Gooch, William, Sir, 1681-1751
June 29, 1729
Volume 03, Page 24

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Virginia. Vol. 19. R. 120.]

June 29th 1729.

My Lords

I forgot in my last among the allowances for the gentlemen employed in running the Boundaries to mention that of a Chaplain whom I appointed to attend that service and who deserves his Majesties consideration when the payment of that work shall be ordered. It was very necessary a Clergyman should be sent out with such a number when they were to pass through a Country where they could not have the oppertunity of attending the publick Worship and the report that a gentleman made to me sufficiently proves how well he answered my purpose in sending of him; for he Christened above an hundred children, a great many adult persons, and preached to Congregations who have never had publick Worship since their first Settlement in those Parts, such is the unhappy state of those poor Inhabitants who possess the borders of our Neighbouring Province, in which there is not one Minister.

My Lords Your Lordships most faithfull and most obedient humble servant