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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Board of Trade of Great Britain to the Privy Council of Great Britain
Great Britain. Board of Trade
September 02, 1729
Volume 03, Page 31

-------------------- page 31 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties. Vol. 32. P. 5.]

To the Right Honble the Lords of the Committee of his Maj. most Honble Privy Council

My Lords,

Pursuant to your Lordships Orders of the 31st of the last month referring to us the copy of an Address from the Members of the Council for the Province of North Carolina containing complaints against Sir Richard Everard Deputy Governor of that Province as likewise the copy of a letter from Sir Richard Everard to his Grace the Duke of Newcastle with a copy of Sir Richard's Orders & Resolutions deliver'd to the Council of North Carolina relating to the granting of Lands there and the filling up of vacant places within that Government, We have considered the said several papers whereupon we take leave to inform your Lordships that upon the receipt of complaints against Governors or other Officers in His Maj. Colonies in America We generally propose that copies of these complaints should be interchangeably communicated by each party to the other for their respective answers upon full liberty on both sides freely to examine witnesses upon the place where no proofs are produced here in support of their allegations But the charge against Sir Richard being of so high & heinous a nature with respect to his Maj. Royal person & government and so unbecoming a person to whose care the said Province has been committed whereof however no proofs are transmitted to us; We humbly propose that the Governor who we presume will soon be nominated for North Carolina have copies delivered to him of these complaints and be directed to make strict enquiry into the truth thereof that exemplary justice may be done according to the nature of the offences said to have been committed.

We are My Lords Your Lordships most obedient and most humble Servants

Whitehall Septr 2d 1729.