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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Lowndes to the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Lowndes, Thomas, 1692-1748
December 08, 1729
Volume 03, Pages 49-50

[B. P. R. O. B. T. South Carolina. Vol: 4. C. 71.]
8th DECEMBER 1729.


With the greatest defference I beg leave to observe to your Lordships, that exact Charts of all the Sea Coast and Bays and Soundings of all the Harbours of his Majesties American Dominions and Maps of all the Inland Territory might be procured to the great advantage of the Publick and without any additional charge If North Carolina which (ever since t'was a seperate Government) has only been a Receptacle for Pyrates Thieves and Vagabonds of all sorts was made a District of Virginia and the Quit Rents for Lands let out duely received; there would be a competent Fond to reward a knowing and honest Man, to make such a Noble and usefull survey. The Establishment for Officers in the Proprietors time, which the Quitt Rents always discharged amounted to 480l and if a Rental was obtained (which the Proprietors could never get) would amount to a much greater Sum. The soyl of North Carolina is much better than that of Virginia, it's Timber is of the largest Growth, there is great Quantity of Iron Oar and (according to information) good reason

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to expect Copper-Mines and the New England Traders get from thence a very great Quantity of the best Pitch and Tarr in Barter for Rum, Spirits Molosses and other goods which would bear a moderate Duty to make up any Deficiency that might happen to the Fond, proposed to defray what I humbly conceive so usefull an undertaking. For besides all other advantages of such a survey wee should effectually prevent the French from Encroaching within the Limits of our Newfoundland and other Fisheries.

And when this affair is quite perfects I beg leave farther to hint that by the same Fond a Light House may easily be erected on the Point of Hilton-Head Island in the Gulf of Florida where there is a great Plenty of Noble Timber and the land high and very fit for that purpose. And this Fond may be so augmented by an easy Duty upon the Tonnage of all ships coming from Jamaica and elsewhere through the Gulf (which all the Traders for their own security would readily come into) as would maintain a competent Number of Trinity-Brothers to assist vessells that pass through that dangerous Navigation

And of what use such an Institution would be in case Port Royal should be made a Harbour for a Royal Navy and a place for stores, and of what service t'would be to the publick to have some seamen of this Nation perfectly acquainted with all the Currents and Counter-Currents in the Gulfs of Mexico and Florida and to know all the Narrow Passages to Cuba through the Bahama Islands, and all the shifting Land Banks in those Parts with a great many more advantages which would accrue to Navigation and Commerce I beg leave most humbly to submit to your Lordships great judgement and wisdom and am with the most profound respect

My Lords your Lordships Most obedient and most faithfull humble servant

P. S.

If very particular and unusual Instructions are not given to the Surveyor Generall and Secretary of South Carolina the settling that Province will be much prejudiced.