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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Order of the Privy Council of Great Britain concerning a seal for North Carolina
Great Britain. Privy Council
April 10, 1730
Volume 03, Pages 79-80

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 8. A. 7.]

At the Court at St James's the 10th day of April 1730.


The King's most excellent Majesty in Councill

Upon reading this day at the Board a Report from the Lords Commissioners for Trade & Plantations dated the 25th of March last with the Draught of a seal for the Province of North Carolina, whereon Liberty is represented introducing Plenty to His Majesty with this Motto Quæ sera tamen respexit; and this inscription round the Circumference,

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Sigillum Provinciæ nostræ Carolinæ Septentrionalis. And the said Lords Commissioners humbly propose that on the Reverse may be His Majesty's arms, Crown, Garter Supporters and Motto with this inscription round the Circumference, Georgius Secundus, Dei Gratia, Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ et Hiberniæ, Rex Fidei Defensor Brunsvici et Lunebergi Dux; Sacri Romani Imperii Archi-Thesaurarius Elector: His Majesty in Councill this day took the same into consideration and was pleased to approve thereof, and to order as it is hereby ordered that His Chief engraver of Seals do forthwith engrave a silver Seal according to the said Draught which is hereunto annexed and to what is above proposed by the said Lords Commisrs for the reverse of the said Seal; & his Grace the Duke of Newcastle one of His Majesty's principall Secretarys of State is to cause a Warrant to be prepared for His Majesty's Royall Signature to the said Engraver as usual upon the like occasions.

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