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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum from Nathaniel Rice and John Baptista Ashe to the North Carolina Governor's Council concerning an additional council member
Rice, Nathaniel, d. 1753; Ashe, John Baptista, d. 1734
March 1733
Volume 03, Pages 472-473

The Objections of Mr Rice & Mr Ashe, two of the Council of N. Carolina against Mr Owen's being admitted a member of ye sd Council, together with their Affidavit of Govr Burrington's refusing to suffer their Objections to be Entred.

[Recd with Mr Rice & Mr Ashe's letter of 20 Apl. 1733.]

His Excellency the Governour having been pleased to appoint William Owen Esqre a Member of His Majesty's Council within this Province, as it is a point which greatly affects his Majesty's Council, We think it our Duty to object thereunto.

In as much as it is contrary, to His Majesty's Royal Instructions, which forbid his Excellency to add any more Members to His Majesty's Council, there being seven in the Province; And we beg leave to show that at the time the sd Mr Owen was sworn into the Council, there were eight Members in the Province, Vizt Nath Rice, Robt Halton, Jno Bapt. Ashe, Matt. Rowan, Eleazor Allen, Jno Lovick, Edmd Gale, Wm Forbes Esqrs, and that there are now seven besides the said Owen.


-------------------- page 473 --------------------

The 7th of April 1733. This day came before me John Montgomery Esqr His Majesty's Attorney General of this Province, two of the Members of His Majesty's Council vizt Nath. Rice Esqr Secry, & John Bapa Ashe Esqr, who being duely sworn on the Holy Evangelists Declared,

That on the first day of the Council's meeting in March last, they offered the within Objection to the Governor in Council, desiring that it might be entred, which the Governor after reading the same absolutely refused, saying, I am Governour here; I will do as I think fit; You may Complain if you will, I will answer it.

Jurt Coramm

8o die April 1733