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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Edward Moseley to George Burrington and the North Carolina Governor's Council
Moseley, Edward, ca. 1682-1749
April 03, 1733
Volume 03, Pages 489-490

To His Excellency the Governour and Council of North Carolina

Copy of Mr Moseleys Letter when he was required to shew how he was made Treasurer.

His Excellency the Governour haveing been pleased to send for me to the Council Chamber and causeing to be read unto me a Paragraph of a letter from the Right Honble the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations concerning the Publick Treasurer of this Province and desiring my answer thereto. I answer and say.

-------------------- page 490 --------------------

1st. As to the power claimed by the Assembly of choosing the Publick Treasurer I think it proper to be answered by the Assembly.

2nd. To the best of my Remembrance for upwards of Twenty eight years I have been concerned in the Publick affairs of this Province. The constant Practice has been for the Assembly to appoint the Treasurers and gatherers of money raised by the Assembly. And this was always the Practice before as far as I can learn by those Journals and Acts of Assembly which I have seen nor do I remember to have met with any Precedents to the contrary.

3rd. The first of my appointment to be Publick Treasurer was by that Assembly that first emitted Publick Bills of Credit, or near that time; For the Truth of which I refer myself to the Journals and Acts of Assembly and the several Bonds I have given for the faithfull discharge of that Office pursuant to divers Acts of Assembly.


April 3rd 1733.

George the Second by the Grace of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland &c: Defender of the Faith &c:

To our Trusty and well beloved William Smith Esqre Greeting.

Note by Gov. Burrington.—Copy of Mr. Smith's Patent issued upon his producing in Council the Kings Warrant to be Chief Justice of No: Carolina. [See page ante 136.—Editor.]