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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Order of the Privy Council of Great Britain concerning instructions to Gabriel Johnston as Governor of North Carolina
Great Britain. Privy Council
August 02, 1733
Volume 03, Pages 499-500

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 9. A. 36.]

At the Court at Hampton Court, the 2d day of August 1733.

The Kings most Excellent Majesty in Councill

Upon reading this day at the Board a Report from the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Councill upon considering a Draught

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of Generall Instructions as also of those relating to Trade and Navigation prepared by the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations for Gabriel Johnston Esqr His Majesty's Governor of the Province of North Carolina By which Report it appeared that there were no materiall alterations made in the said Draughts of Instructions from those which his Majesty was pleased to approve of for Mr Burrington late Governor of this Province except in the 41. Article, whereby he was directed to examine into several complaints against Sir Richard Everard formerly Deputy Governor of this Province as also concerning his having issued several blank Patents for Land which the Possessors were at Liberty to fill up with as great a number of acres as they should think fit but Sir Richard Everard being since dead the said Lds Commrs for Trade and Plantations have left out that part of the Instruction which related personally to him and have prepared a new one for the present Governor by which he is directed to make a particular enquiry into the Grants of Land which have been made in the said Province since the year 1728 and upon discovery of any fraudulent practises therein to order the necessary Prosecutions for vacating the same of all which he is directed to transmitt particular accounts to be laid before his Majesty and that therefore the said Lords of the Committee were of opinion the said Draught were proper for His Majesty's Royall Approbation And it likewise further appeared by the said Report that in the list of Councellors named in the Draught of General Instructions the three following persons have been inserted by the said Lords Commrs for Trade vizt Edward Moseley, Roger Moore and Cullen Pollock to supply the places of James Janoure and John Porter Esqr deceased and of Cornelius Harnet Esqr who hath resigned—which persons the Lords of the Committee were of opinion might be proper to be appointed Councillors in the said Province. His Majty this day took the said Report into consideration and was thereupon pleased with the advice of His Privy Council to approve of the said Draughts of Instructions together with the said three New Councillors, and to order as it is hereby ordered that His Grace the Duke of Newcastle one of His Majesty's principal Secretarys of State do cause the said Draughts (which are hereunto annexed) to be prepared for his Majesty's Royal Signature.

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