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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Marsden to Edmund Gibson
Marsden, Richard, ca. 1675-1742
March 13, 1737
Volume 04, Pages 244-245

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

Monday, March 13th 1737.

May it please your Lordship [Bishop of London]

It was very shocking to me to be informed by the Gentm that waited on you with my Letter to acquaint your Lordship of my arrival from Cape Fear that I had suffered so much in your esteem that you was utterly averse to see me. I do with great sincerity and sorrow confess that I have given your Lordship great cause to be offended with me, but I can with a good conscience declare that I have sincerely repented of every miscarriage that my memory can recollect & shall never be partial to myself but ready on all occasions to declare my detestation & abhorrence of every neglect of duty.

I humbly beg your Lordship will judge charitably & candidly of me & if you will not be graciously pleased to interest yourself so far in my favour as to recommend my case to the Honble Society I humbly supplicate your Lordship to condescend to deliver to the Secretary of the Society the Letter you received from the Inhabitants of Cape Fear in my favor from the hands of Mr Hunter, & to inform him that you had received a letter from Govr Johnston confirming from his own knowledge the character given of me by my parishioners.

I despise [desire?] to live to no other end than to do service to Gods Church & conscious of my own good intentions & desires suggests to me

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many flattering hopes of doing God & his Church good service at Cape fear if I meet with suitable encouragement

I subscribe myself &c.
Capt Wimble intreats your Lordship to accept this map of North Carolina