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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Proposals by Murray Crymble and James Huey concerning a land grant in North Carolina
Crymble, Murray; Huey, James
August 16, 1736
Volume 04, Page 256

What is proposed by Murray Crymble James Huey and their Associates in the Settlement of the Land petitioned for

1st. After the lands are laid out we intend to send over several Workmen to build houses for the reception of such forreign Protestants as are to be sent over, according to the Undertaking in the Petition.

2dly. We intend to lay out the land in several townships in such manner and at such distances as his Majesty or his Governour in North Carolina shall please to direct, after that is done we propose to supply the people that go over with provisions for the first year, and also to provide them with Necessary Materials for labour, being sensible that any engagement of that nature must miscarry if the first undertakers don't put themselves to a proper expence for the support of the poor Protestants that go over.

3dly. We propose at our own expence to pay the charge of surveying and running out the lands which will amount to upwards of thirty five shillings sterling per thousand acres. But after the lands are laid out it is to be hoped we shall be indulged to lay them out, by our own surveyours into such small tracts as shall appear necessary to the Undertaker in forming the Settlement.

4thly. After the Settlement is compleated we designe to cultivate large tracts of the aforesaid lands if granted for the use of the parties concerned in this undertaking, and to put thereon several thousands of servants and slaves besides those we are engaged to settle.

If we are permitted to carry on the Settlement in the manner we propose it will greatly encrease his Majestys revenue in the quit rents and improve the trade and navigation of the Colonies, which, in time will make it of great service to its Mother Country in raising Naval Stores, and in the production of several other usefull Commodities. And as the heads of Pedee River and Cape Fear River are the only places where the Jerankee and Calanbos Indians or any other Indians whatsoever, that lye between them and the head of the Messisippee, can enter into the Province of North Carolina, a settlement properly formed there will be a good barrier and a great Inducement to the farther settlement of the Colonie.

Reced 16th August 1736.