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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Gabriel Johnston to the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Johnston, Gabriel, ca. 1698-1752
January 15, 1738
Volume 04, Page 284

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 10. B. 38.]

My Lords [of the Board of Trade]

I have sent over a full Representation of the state of this Colony, from its first settlement to the present time, to the Lords of the Committee of His Majesties most Honorable Privy Council for Plantation Affairs which I don't doubt will of course be laid before your Board. I must therefore take the liberty to beg that your Lordships would determine the points therein contained as soon as possible, the Confusions in this Province being much increased by the suspense we have been kept in for more than two years, with regard to the Blank Patents, and the validity of their Laws.

I must once more observe that if His Majesty (who is now in place of the late Proprietors) his Rights and Revenues, can be affected by Laws made by the People and not confirmed by the said Proprietors this Colony will be more independant of the Crown, than Rhode Island.

Edmund Porter Esqre a member of His Majesties Council being lately dead, I recommend to your Lordships James Murray Esqre to fill up that vacancy I am your Lordships, &c.,


Cape Fear, Janry 15th 1738.