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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from Samuel Wragg as Agent of the North Carolina General Assembly concerning land grants in North Carolina
Wragg, Samuel
July 12, 1738
Volume 04, Pages 323-324

Petition of Mr Wragg, Agent for the Assembly of North Carolina to the Lords Comrs for Trade & Plantac̄ons; praying for Copies of their Lordps Orders, Representations or Directions in relation to the case or representation of ye Principal Inhabitants of that Province at Cape Fear River and parts adjacent, who claim lands by grants under the seal of the late Lords Proprietors of Carolina, & presented to this Board some time since.

To the Right Honble the Lords Comrs for Trade and Plantations.

The Humble Petition of Saml Wragg, London Mercht sheweth,

That some time since your Petitioner had the honor in person to present to your Lordships at the Board, the Case or Representation of sundry of the Principal Inhabitants of North Carolina, dwelling at Cape Fear River and the parts adjacent, on behalf of themselves and others who claim lands by virtue of Grants under the Seal of the late Lords Proprs of Carolina.

Relating to their Titles and Grants under the late Lords Proprietors antecedent to the arrival of His Majesty's Govr there in Febry 1730/1 and the erecting Courts there to question the validity of such Titles and Grants, the increase of rents now demanded, the successive Fees taken on new Grants, and other matters wherein the properties of great numbers of his Majestys good and faithful Subjects are rendred extremely precarious, according to the strained Construction which had been put upon some of His Majestys Instructions to his Governor.

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And therefore humbly praying your Lordships consideration of their Case, and such Explanation of the Governors Instructions as might tend to quiet the minds and Possessions of the Inhabitts, under their great & general Calamity.

That as this was a matter of the utmost Consequence for the Settlement and repose of the Country, and was a continual subject for uneasiness and complaint, your Petitioner who is furnished with a power from the Assembly of North Carolina, did attend your Lordps with the said Case or Representation, and several times afterwards, at your Lordships Office, to Enquire what proceedings were had therein.

But by some very unusual accident in the office it so happened (as your Petitioner was informed) that the said Case was somehow mislay'd, so as not to be found.

Since which time your Petitioner hath not had the least notice that your Lordships were proceeding thereon, and therefore hath not given your Lordships any trouble in that matter, presuming that the said case had been totally lost.

But within few days past your Petitioner has learnt that your Lordships have retrieved the said Case, and that your Lordships in your great justice and goodness, have some thoughts of putting the People there under some security, The want whereof hitherto, hath given them very great concern, and been one of the Great Causes of the present uneasinesses in that Country.

That your Petitioner most humbly apprehends that the quieting the Titles of the People, and settling the rate and manner of paying their Quit rents, and other relief, prayed by the said Case, will every way promote the service and interest of his Majesty, the settlement of the Country, and the quiet and tranquility of the People; matters which your Petitioner rests assured, your Lordships have very much at heart.

But forasmuch as the relief designed, in any way, by your Lordships to the People, may not have all those good Effects, which your Lordships propose, unless the People are put into some state of security by being apprised how far and in what degree your Lordships think they ought to be secured & relieved,

Your Petitioner most humbly prays your Lordships to allow him Copies of your Lordships Orders, Representations or Directions, which your Lordships may have made, or shall make in relation to any of the matters comprised in the said Case or Representation.

And your Petitioner (and indeed the whole Province) will be ever bound to pray etc


Recd: July 12th 1738.