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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
June 27, 1738 - July 01, 1738
Volume 04, Pages 331-333

At a Council held at Newbern 27th June 1738
Present His Excellency the Governor
The Honōble Wm Smith Esqr Member of His Majestys Council
The Honōble Math Rowan Esqr Member of His Majestys Council
The Honōble Robert Halton Esqr Member of His Majestys Council
The Honōble Eleaz Allen Esqr Member of His Majestys Council

Adjourned to 11 oClock the morrow Morning

28th June Present as before and Edward Moseley

Read the Petition of Thos Murphy Senior for 198 Acres in Craven surplus land within Wm Turnaclifs Lines

Referred to next Court and Ordered that in the mean time Wm Turnaclif resurvey the said Land and make return the next Court

Read the Petition of Joseph Hennis praying a resurvey of certain Lands purchased of Fredric Jones and a Patent for the Surplusage. Granted

Read sundry Petitions for Patents Viz

Jos. Jno Alstons 150 Edgcombe, Do 350 Do, Warren Andrews 250 Tyrrel (this Grantd 20th Nov 1739 and again the 2d Octor 1741—(the return for 300ac), Robt Hill 200 Edgecombe, Chas Hopton 400 Craven, Jno Breakton 400 Do, Jno Debnam 370 Do, Wm Daws 200 Beaufort, Thos Garey 200 Edgcombe, Sam Jones 400 Onslow, Jos Lane 300 Edgcombe, Benoni Lofton 200 Craven, Peter Leister 300 Onslow, Jacob Robertson 300 Craven, Isham Randolph 640 Edgcombe, Thos Smith 100 Craven, Jno Speir 160 Edgcombe, Ditto 150 Do, Francis Young 192 Do, Thos Fisher 183 Craven, Jno Fellian 150 Do Granted

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29th June 1738 Present as before.

Read the Petition of Robert Forster for a resurvey of a tract of Land on Wiccon in Bertie late Thos Suttons praying a grant of the Surplusage. Granted

Read the Petition of Thos Kearney praying a resurvey of a tract on Cushie in Bertie and a Grant of the Surplusage Granted

Read Sundry Petitions for Patents Viz

Simon Rights 240 Craven, John Brooks 110 Beaufort, Jno Beaseley 200 Craven, Thos Bonner 400 Beaufort, Do 300 Do, Wm Carruthers 100 Do, Do 400 Do, Zach Evans 320—300 rtd Onslow, John Fonvill & Wm Brice 200 Craven, Chas Graffins 288 Do, Robt Pitts 250 Craven, Wm Peters 270 Do, Jas Roberts 250 Do, Jno Williams 640 N. Hanover, Jno Webster 140 Carteret, Jno Gillet 618 Craven, Jno Guess 570 Onslow, Josiah Jones 350 Beaufort, Jno Lovit 300 Craven & Carteret, Thos Nelson 100 Carteret, Do 640 Do, Jas Sanders 200 Edgcombe, Jno Tompkins 180 Edgcombe, Wm Whitehead 250 Do, Do 400 Do Granted

30th June 1738. Present as before.

Read Sundry Petitions for Patents Vizt

Jas Hasel 400 N. Hanover, Do 110 Do, Do 200 Do, Wm Brice 300 Onslow, Sara Bond 187 (400 retd) Craven, Jno Beeton 416 Do, Jno Caldon 630 Do, Thos Clifford 640 N. Hanover, Wm Carruthers 100 Beaufort, Wm DeLoach 200 Edgcombe, Jno Dudley 270 Carteret, Nath Everet 640 Onslow, Jno Fonville 640 Craven, Richd Field 640 Onslow, Henry Guston 300 Edgcombe, Do 300 Do, Wm Shewbridge 200 Onslow, Jno Wiggins 640 Craven, Wm Gess 300 Onslow, Jervis Jones 100 Beaufort, Corns Loftin 300 Craven, Richd Lovit 100 Carteret, Wm Mills 640 Onslow, Barbara Maule 200 Beaufort, Thos McClendon 300 Craven, Thos McClendon 640 Do, Do 534 Do, Do 288 Do, Saban Plumer 350 Pasquotank, Mark Philips 360 Craven, Sam Noble 500 Onslow, Thos Smith 162 Craven, William Smith 250 Craven, Do 300 Do, Jno Slocomb 220 Do, Robt West 630 Craven, Frans Young 436 Edgcombe. Granted.

July 1st 1738 Present as before

Ordered a Dedimus issue for Jno Barron Wm Ormond Isaac Buck George McCoy and John Wilson to be added in the Commission for Beaufort Precinct

Upon Complaint of Eleazer Allen Esq Receiver General that the proper returns were not regularly made to him from the Auditor's Office

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Ordered that Wm Maxwell Esqr Deputy Auditor do make out a List of all such Patents for Land as have passed his Office not already made out and deliver the same to the Receiver General also that he continue to return Lists to the Receiver General for all such Patents as shall hereafter pass his Office within some convenient time after the sitting of every Court of Claim the said Lists to contain the Patentees names number of Acres Date of the Patent and Precinct where the Land is Situated

Read the Petition of Michael Routledge for a resurvey of Peter Handy's Land 4 miles above Newberne and a Grant of the Surplusage (if any)

Ordered that the said Land be resurveyed and return made to this Court.

Read the Petition of John Fonvielle for a Resurvey of the Land he lives on praying a Grant of the Surplusage. Granted.

Read Sundry Petitions for Patents Vizt

Robt Germain & Thos Smith 300 Craven, Wm Henderson 288 Do, Jno More 300 Do, George Roberts 1000 Craven, Jno Shaw 640 Carteret, George Bould 600 Craven Granted

Adjourned to the 2d Tuesday in November next following the Court to sit at Newbern.